sign company new york

Shade Glider Awning is a New York Sign Company helping businesses kick start their new business or repair their old Sign/Awning. If you are looking for a sign & awning company then you came to the right place

contact Us get your free SIGN DESIGN within 1 day. Our Graphic design specialists will create and amazing sketch sign design to start manufacturing the sign/awning.


NYC Sign Permit

SGA Sign company New York do installation with all the right procedures to abide by the NYC sign permit regulations. Manhattan sign installation without a permit is against the regulations and is highly punishable with hefty fines to the business.

sign company new york

Sign Repair NYC

If you need Signs & Awnings repairs we are the right company for you. We do on-site sign repair.

Awning Repair – Repairing awnings can be a complicated task. gotta take off the frame (if the customer wants to keep frame and need new material) take it to the shop to start sewing brand new material with new vinyl decals.

Signs & awning NYC Process

Contact US – Contact us for a absolutely free quote with absolutely no obligation. We will send out a technician for a onsite measurements and quote.

Sign Design – Our graphic design specialist will custom design a sign and awnings. Regardless the type of signs you want for your business (Sign, awnings, channel letter…) we will make sure you get a studding look for your business.

Sign Installation – Once the site building has been completed, we will transport the sign from our shop to the installation site.



LED Channel Lettering –

sign company new york
sign & awning services

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