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You have come to the right place if you are looking for a ``awnings company near me`` & want to replace Covers or build a brand new awning. As always we will provide you with best material and quality work if you gave us the chance to design & build your business awnings in New York! Different Provide Types of Custom Made Awnings

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Storefront Awnings

Commercial Awnings NYC | Awnings New York

As a Custom Awning and Sign Company in New York, storefront awnings are the most popular type of a sign that we create. Store front awnings cover all aspects that’s needed for a business, providing protection from the elements and advertises your business at the same time.

You can have your awning with light underneath that illuminates the front of business, it requires a few modifications to the lettering so the light can pass through.

Awning Lighting Cons and Pros:

  • Con – Having lights underneath the awning requires lights which raises the price of the awning(not by much) and higher electricity bills.
  • Pro – Having your awning illuminate at night makes your business stand out as people pass by which is why it makes it the best form of advertisement. The electricity cost can be managed with bulbs that are low on electricity consumption and Eco friendly.

Retractable Awnings

Full Functioning Retractable Awnings

As a sign company New York, we specialize in manufacturing retractable awnings in New York, we can even repair the material on your awning as well for a brand new look. Our Retractable awnings are full functioning by command on the controller that come with every retractable awning that we manufacture at Shade Glider Awnings.



Shelter your Storefront!

Vestibule is a great type of awning for a storefront to protect doorways from cold winds in the harsh winters. Vestibules are temporary that can be disassembled and put away for the summertime heat in NYC. Sizes and shapes are not a issue for us, check out which type of frame would you like for us to create.



Based upon the information you provide, available developers give estimates. The Average + 15% Codeable Fee = Your Quote.

Get your custom awnings Design & custom fabrication

Commercial Awnings NYC not only great source of advertisement, they are protection from the elements to your customers through out the year.


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