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shade glider awnings and signs provide a variety of different type of flags you also have a choice of mesh that is transparent.  whatever type of flag sign you need SGA is the company to go to, we use only the best of high quality materials that will last long.


Custom feather  Flags – feather flags are the most popular type of flags, businesses place them  Near of the entry in shopping centers Auto dealerships car washes car repair shops. Use them as a Grand Opening sign, Open 24 Hours Sign, or simply for Branding reasons feather flags are great use for advertisement.


Custom Rectangle Flags – Rectangle Flags are usually used to display an amazing design And are usually large Flags that take up a lot of advertising space.   these custom rectangle flags are used to display advertisement in on a conventional places that does not have a wall to place a banner on.


Solid or mesh Flags?

when choosing Flags you will have to be mindful of where they are placed


Solid –  solid flags are usually  used in a space that does not cover the entry of  a business. solid Flags display the best Quality graphics for an amazing look.


Mesh – The choice mate is a business decides to put the flag near the entry the best choice would be meshed Flags so you don’t cover up the visual the store.


light and visibility is very important for a business storefront, Covering it up with a solid flag  would just prevent natural light in the daytime as well as visual from inside and outside of the storefront.


you can choose your custom Flags to be either solid or  mesh transparent if you will put it in the store Front so you don’t prevent customers from seeing the entry of your business.


we can create you a custom design flag made specifically for your business we have full types of designs you can take a look at our previous work to choose a design type similar


our selection of flags all come in a complete kit with a sturdy stand to withstand the elements.

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