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Large Format Printing New York City

Shade Glider Awnings & Signs specializes in high quality large format printing in New York City for the lowest prices since we are a smaller family based company. If you are looking for vinyl Sign Shop near me, you have come to the right place we can handle projects of any scale we meet deadlines with spectacular results. If you need a large format print but dont have a design, its not a problem let our in-house pro designer draw out a sketch before printing. We can do an installation on big scare projects with precision.

Large Format Printing NYC Services

Here’s a few of our services that we are proud of.

  1. Design – we will design it was spectacular design for any type of large format printing. First thing we want to hear your preferences so we can get an idea and make a beautiful design based on your input. Once the design is ready we will send it over to you to see if you like it and if not you can request revisions as much as you would like.
  2. Print – Once you are satisfied with the design and Sign off on it we can get started with the printing phase. While printing we set the highest setting for quality and we always print 320 dpi + quality large-format prints for any type of business.
  3. Installation – Once the print is ready we will transported to the on site location and install it. No matter how big the project scale we can meet the printing and installation with Percision that will exceed your expectations.

Here is a list of the different type of large-format prints you can use to advertise your business.

  1. Window Wraps/Decals – One of the most Are use type of large format printing is on the windows, No matter the size you can cover it what an amazing design to advertise your business and get some privacy at the same time from the ongoing traffic In a visiting New York.If you want to let some sun and then there is the transparent window wrap that let in the sun , yet gives you privacy at the same time Vinyl banners.
  2. Vinyl banners – Vinyl banners are usually big size banner used to advertise grand opening or simple advertisement with the address and phone number. Vinyl banners are great for outdoor advertising that will last for years to come since vinyl banners usually are not made up of ink print, it’s made out of separate carved out vinyl that is put together on the background color big vinyl banner.
  3. Banner Stands – Banner stand is a great way to advertise your product even if it is in the middle of your store advertising to your customers as they pass by banner stands NYC. there are many different types of Banner stands you can choose retractable banner stand then we can implement a large format print with a stunning design, retractable banner the rollup or pop-up banner stand sometimes called trade shows stands.
  4. Wall murals – Wall murals or large scale indoor outdoor vinyl signs that are placed on the walls of businesses in all of New York City and New Jersey as well. Most used in this reform wall Mural would have to be the restaurants clubs and bars simply because it enhances the theme. Large-format prints wall Mural makes the walls speak for them selves and catch the customers attention so leave with a great and memorable experience.
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